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Soft Test Asia

Soft Test Asia
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In response to the growing demand for test training in Asia, ZMC of Singapore has incorporated Soft Test Asia Pte Ltd, a joint venture with the Soft Test Inc. of the U.S.A. Soft Test Asia provides top quality training of test technology on Digital, Mixed signal and Memory devices.

Soft Test Asia is an association of professional Test Engineers and Technical Instructors with extensive skills in manufacturing and test of semiconductor devices for Digital, Memory and Mixed Signal circuits.

Soft Test Asia offers technical publications and training for semiconductor component testing. Our training courses focus on ATE Test Systems, test methodologies, test data analysis, debug techniques and test time reductions.

Our associates, Soft Test Inc. (U.S.A.) was founded in 1984 to provide test engineering services for the manufacturers and users of semiconductors. Offering the same training courses, it is well-respected in it’s local industry.

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