Cleaning and Surface Preparation

Borer Chemie AG Borer Chemie AG - ZMC International is authorized distributor for Borer Industry.ZMC focus on providing precision cleaning solutions for PVD metal and High Precision Optics Industries in China and SEA countries.For more information on Borer Chemie AG, visit or contact us.
Brulin Corporation Brulin Corporation- Specialty chemicals for aviation process manufacturing and environmental maintenance.- DisinfectantsBrulin has over 62 years of experience in the research and development of speciality industrial and process detergent systems, The Brulin Corporation is recognized as an industry leader, working with all facets of the manufacturing environment today, to meet the needs of tomorrow. ZMC is the exclusive distributor for Brulin.For more information on brulin, visit or contact us.
Echem Echem Coating Materials and Lubricants - ZMC International markets industrial and functional coating materials and lubricants for both glass and metal industries in SEA and China. For more information on Echem, visit or contact us.
Snip20150721_1 Weber Ultrasonic Transducers - ZMC International markets Ultrasonic Transducers from Weber, in SEA countries and China, The transducer system, which transfers the ultrasonic waves into the cleaning fluid, is critical to the effectiveness and process reliability of an ultrasonic cleaning system. For more information, please visit  or contact us.
AirWater_revised  Air Water Inc. - ZMC International markets QuickSnow ® in SEA Countries and China. This is a Dry Ice Snow Precision Cleaning System which makes use dry ice fine particles in the form of liquid carbon dioxide to remove organic substances and particles on the precision of components and surface substrates. For more information, please visit  Air Water Inc.  or contact us.